One Cyber Tool To Rule Them All

Truly all-in-one cyber protection.

Cyber Flo Protect brings backup & next-generation AI-based anti-malware, antivirus and endpoint protection management; combined with the world’s best backup, recovery and disaster recovery to boot.

Measuring & monitoring your cyber fitness

Security gaps like out-of-date operating systems and applications can be exploited by cyber criminals. 

Thankfully, once you’re fully protected with Cyber Flo Protect, the Flotek team also sets about scoring each user and providing ongoing vulnerability assessments to make sure everything’s always tight and cyber secure.

What We Do

Features & benefits of Cyber Flo Protect

Cyberfit Score

Scores every user in your organisation to identify gaps & recommendations

Vulnerability Assessment

Identifying vulnerabilities with continual user-scanning

Patch Management

Fix known vulnerabilities automatically

Health Monitor

Keep data safe with hard-drive failure detection

Virus Protect

AI-driven prevention of file-less and zero-day attacks


Web Filtering

Prevent attacks & increase team productivity with category-based traffic control

Email Security

Block email-borne threats before they reach a user

Spam & Spoof filter

Block spam, phishing, malware & zero-day attacks

System Backup

PC, Server, VM, Cloud – we have you covered

Database Backup

Backup your MariaDB, Exchange, and MySQL databases

Continuous Data Protection

Backup of in-progress files

365 Backup

Protect & Restore your data to MS365

Safe Recovery

Integrated scanning of backups & Auto-patching

Disaster Recovery

Back-to-business in under 15 mins

Sensitive Data Protect

Automatically stop leakage of sensitive data

Truly loved by our customers & always striving to improve

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Wherever your team is at, wherever you do business; staying connected with unfaltering internet back-up to boot is mission-critical for businesses whatever their size.

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Innovative, cost-effective, tried & tested solutions, not to mention our friendly and experienced team always on-hand to ensure you're right where you need to be.

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Always Secure.

Flotek's got cyber sussed, with the highest security baked-in to all our products and best practice strategies putting the right defences in place for when it happens.

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From rewarding our loyal customers, to promoting well-being and supporting charitable causes, every product and service we offer is delivered with expertise, passion and heart.

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    • Cyberfit Score
      The Cyberfit score is designed to give you additional protection alongside Cyber Flo Protect. This will identify any gaps, provide improvement recommendations and overall security guidance as well continued vulnerability assessments.
    • #CyberFit Score’s security assessment metrics
      When making a security assessment, it’s important to evaluate every possible attack vector that could be exploited in a data breach. Your #CyberFit Score is based on the recommendations of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and assesses the most essential security configurations for protecting endpoints against cyberattacks.
    • Anti-malware Protection
      It is crucial that systems detect anomalies and events that could lead to security breaches. Having a 360-degree anti-malware solution is critical in detecting malicious software and protecting your systems and applications from cyberthreats
    • Backup
      Regular backups of your system are a key to avoiding data availability issues such as data corruption and disk failure, and can mitigate threats such as ransomware. We recommend having your key data backed up as frequently as possible
    • Firewall
      Whenever security requirements among internal networks and systems vary, or internal systems connect with external ones, the traffic should be controlled through a firewall. Where to place the firewall depends heavily on the network architecture
    • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
      When working remotely – at home, in a café, while etc. – it’s critical that communications and access to systems are secure. A VPN can provide secure communications when information, especially sensitive data, is transmitted between networks
    • Disk Encryption
      Encryption is crucial to ensuring your data and assets are secure and private. In the event that your endpoint or computer is lost, if its hard drives are encrypted, its data remains safe from any external parties who try to gain access
    • NT LAN Manager (NTLM) traffic
      With outgoing NTLM traffic to remote servers enabled, you could expose your credentials to an attacker. One way to prevent such attacks is to deny the setting “Outgoing NTLM traffic to remote servers” in your network security configurations
    • Flo Protect
      Close down security threats by closing security gaps in your infrastructure, thanks to patch-management and built-in safe patching, software assets and data protection, and hard-drive failure monitoring.
    • Patch management
      Software patches are vital to secure a business environment and fix known vulnerabilities before they become issues. With patch management for Microsoft and third-party software on Windows, you can easily schedule or manually deploy patches to keep you safe.
    • Drive health monitor
      Avoid unpredicted data loss and proactively improve uptime by monitoring disk drive health. Using machine learning technology, Cyber Flo Protect can predict disk issues and alert you to take the precautionary measures needed to protect your data.
    • Software inventory collection
      Gain deep visibility into software inventory while saving time. Scan client machines automatically or on-demand to discover all of the software installed. Browse and filter software by multiple criteria, generate reports, or delete records once a machine is removed.
    • Cyber Scripting
      Automate daily tasks like provisioning and maintenance and manage more workloads with less efforts. Streamline your operations with out-of-the-box -verified scripts that you can easily customize, test, run, and schedule.
    • Flo Security
      When it comes to Cyber Security, Flo Security brings you everything you need to expand your security quickly and easily and deploy remediation that’s faster, cheaper, and and more efficient, including anti-virus, malware protection and injected backup scanning.
    • Global threat monitoring and smart alerts (Unique)
      Cyber Protection Operation Centers (CPOC) continuously monitor the cybersecurity landscape and releases alert on potential threats of any kind. Receive real-time alerts on malware, vulnerabilities, natural disasters, and other global events that may affect data protection, so you can prevent them.
    • Forensic backup
      Maintaining compliance and running internal investigations can be an expensive process. The Forensic Mode of Cyber Flo Protect simplifies any future analysis by collecting digital evidence – like memory dumps and process information – from disk-level backups.
    • Exploit prevention
      Prevent advanced attack techniques, including zero-day and fileless attacks, with behaviour-based detection heuristics focused on vulnerability exploitation. Flotek’s exploit prevention technology specifically detects malware that’s taking advantage of software vulnerabilities.
    • Enhanced signature-based detection
      Increase detection rates and speed with an enhanced database of malware signatures, ensuring seamless detection of all known threats within seconds while minimizing the agent’s impact on performance.
    • Enhanced URL filtering
      Achieve compliance and increase productivity by preventing attacks from malicious websites. URL filtering lets you control website access through an HTTP/HTTPS interceptor, manage exceptions for URLs, and perform payload analysis.
    • Anti-malware protection for backups (Unique)
      Prevent restoring infected files from backups with built-in malware scanning, including for encrypted backups. By scanning full disk backups in a centralized location, Cyber Flo Protect helps find malware – ensuring users are restoring a backup that is clean and malware-free.
    • Safe recovery
      Prevent dangerous infections from reoccurring with Flotek’s unique safe recovery technology. During the recovery process, the integrated solution scans the backup for malware, installs the latest security patches, and updates its antivirus databases.
    • Remote device wipe
      Prevent business-critical data from getting into the wrong hands by remotely wiping compromised or missing Windows devices. You can protect data from being deleted by disgruntled employees or accessed from lost or stolen devices.
    • Global and local allow lists
      Allow more aggressive behavioural heuristics with zero false positives. You can create automatic allow list of your most used applications, including custom apps, to save time and avoid resource-draining false positives. Manual allow listing is also supported.
    • Windows anti-malware management
      Eliminate complexity while ensuring that Windows’ native anti-malware is properly configured. With Flo protection plans, you can control Windows Defender Antivirus and Microsoft Security Essentials detection events, applying settings across multiple machines.
    • Flo Email Secure
      Who doesn’t want advanced email security to stop threats in their tracks before they take hold. Flo Email Secure does just that with enhanced protection to stop phishing and spoofing attempts, identify advanced evasion techniques and prevent zero-day attacks.
    • Next-generation dynamic detection
      Stop zero-days and APTs with Perception Point’s unique technology – CPU-level analysis that detects and blocks advanced attacks such as APTs and zero-days at the exploit stage by identifying deviations from normal execution flow during runtime.
    • X-ray insights
      Leverage a holistic view of the threat landscape across organizations with forensics data for each email, proactive insights on threats seen in the wild, and analysis of any file or URL on which the service delivery team needs forensics.
    • Spam filter
      Block malicious communication with anti-spam and reputation-based filters, leveraging the combined data of several market-leading technologies.
    • Anti-evasion
      Detect malicious hidden content by recursively unpacking the content into smaller units (files and URLs) which are then dynamically checked by multiple engines in under 30 seconds, compared to 20+ minutes for legacy, sandboxing solutions.
    • Threat intelligence
      Stay ahead of emerging threats with the combined threat intelligence of six market-leading sources and Perception Point’s unique engine that scans URLs and files in the wild.
    • Static signature-based analysis
      Identify known threats with best-of-breed signature-based antivirus engines enhanced with a unique tool by Perception Point to identify highly complex signatures.
    • Anti-phishing engines
      Detect malicious URLs based on four leading URL reputation engines in combination with Perception Point’s advanced image recognition technology to validate the legitimacy of URLs.
    • Anti-spoofing
      Prevent payload-less attacks such as spoofing, look-alike domain, and display name deception with unmatched precision through machine-learning algorithms with IP reputation, SPF, DKIM, and DMARC record checks.
    • Incident response service
      Gain direct access to cyber analysts that act as an extension of our service delivery team, monitoring all traffic, and analyse malicious intent with ongoing reporting and support, including handling false positives, remediating, and releasing when required.
    • Account Takeover (ATO)
      Intercept account takeover attempts — Be prepared to prevent, detect and rapidly respond. Your business is protected against ATO more than ever before by preventing attackers from phishing credentials; monitoring email accounts for anomalies and suggesting a compromise; and ensuring fast remediation and account containment by the incident response team, in the event of account takeover.
    • Logging and auditing
      Enhance your compliance and enable auditing and investigations with visibility into all actions performed by admin users and the incident response team, with a comprehensive audit log.
    • 24/7 chat support with the email security team
      Receive a swifter response on email security issues — rapidly reach the Advanced Email Security incident response team, and chat with support directly in the management console.
    • Reporting
      Easily accessible weekly, monthly, and ad-hoc reports from the Incident Response team.
    • Ad-hoc email analysis for end-users
      Enable end-users to directly consult with Perception Point’s email security experts for suspicious emails before taking reckless action.
    • End-user contextual help (Disclaimers)
      Flag emails with customisable banners based on policies and rules to provide end-users with additional contextual information to increase their security awareness.
    • Flo Backup & Restore
      Backup is simply not enough when it comes to protecting business-critical data. Fully-integrated Flo Backup & Restore increases automation and productivity, protects more workload across more platforms and can get you up-and-running again from our cloud within minutes.
    • Hybrid backup
      Speed up recovery with a hybrid approach to backup by using Flo to provide a local onsite recovery point and cloud storage for multi protection.
    • Data protection map and compliance reporting
      Ensure that critical data is protected for compliance reporting with the data protection map. Use the automatic data classification to track the protection status of important files and alert admins if sensitive client data is not backed-up.
    • Continuous data protection
      Ensure users don’t lose the work that is in-progress by defining a list of critical apps that they frequently use. The Flo agent monitors every change made in the listed applications and continuously backs them up between scheduled backups so no data is ever lost.
    • Full or granular recovery of MariaDB and MySQL databases
      During the backup of the entire workload, Flo collects metadata for each database running on it. You can browse databases and/or fully or granularly recover data and tables without recovering the entire workload.
    • Application cluster backup and restore
      Ease IT administrative burden with built-in capabilities for easy back up and recovery of Microsoft Exhange, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle DBMS Real Application clusters.
    • SAP HANA backup
      Strengthen your SAP HANA database protection with consistent, script-based, disk-level backups that simplify management and do not require any SAP HANA expertise.
    • Off-host data processing for backup operations
      Reduce the load on your workloads by moving backups replication, validation, retention and conversion into VM operations to another machine. These operations can be scheduled independently.
    • Flo Disaster Recovery
      Advanced disaster recovery from Flo DR is built on a ‘back-to-business in minutes’ philosophy. When disaster strikes, we can restore from anywhere for immediate data availability so you’re up-and-running in next to no-time.
    • Disaster recovery orchestration
      Simplify disaster recovery and increase operational efficiency by automating failovers and orchestrating disaster recovery procedures using runbooks – a set of instructions defining how to spin up the client’s production environment in the cloud.
    • Disaster recovery for physical and virtual workloads
      Minimize downtime by enabling easy, scalable and efficient disaster recovery of all popular workloads including Windows and Linux physical servers and VMs, major hypervisors, and Microsoft apps.
    • Production failover
      Minimize downtime by enabling quick and easy automated failover of the client’s production environment to an off-site server running in Disaster Recovery Storage or to hot storage in the Cloud.
    • Site-to-site VPN connection
      Enable a secure VPN connection between your local site and the cloud to facilitate partial failover of tightly dependent servers on the local site. When one of the servers is recreated, it continues to communicate using the same local IP address, ensuring minimal downtime.
    • Near-instant RPOs and RTOs
      Achieve both RPOs and RTOs of less than 15 minutes. The RunVM engine enables best-in-class production and test failover speed, while flexible backup frequency policies lead to tighter RPOs.
    • Execution monitoring
      Gain visibility into disaster recovery orchestration with a detailed runbook-execution, real-time view, and execution history.
    • Point-in-time recovery
      Prevent data loss and avoid data corruption with granular control over backup and recovery capabilities. Restore systems and data to any recoverable point in the past, instead of to the latest one.
    • IPsec multisite VPN support
      Strengthen security with IPSec multisite VPN support that integrates secure protocols and algorithms. You can easily support clients with multiple sites that are hosting critical workloads with higher requirements for security, compliance, and bandwidth.
    • Custom DNS configuration
      Create custom DNS configurations for disaster recovery cloud services in the Cloud.
    • Flo Data Loss Prevention
      Continued data loss prevention, especially via peripheral devices and network communications, is critical. Cyber Flo Protect automatically maps DLP policies to your business needs, as well as becoming a user-assisted extension of enforced DLP policies.
    • Content- and context-aware DLP controls
      Prevent leakage of sensitive data from your organization. Advanced DLP detects the sender, recipient, channel used and sensitive content for each data transfer to apply policy-based preventive DLP controls.
    • Automatic DLP policy creation (Observation mode)
      Simplify initial DLP policy configuration. The solution observes end user behaviour to automatically map your business specifics to DLP rules to create specific DLP policies.
    • Adaptive DLP policy enforcement (Enforcement mode)
      Enable automatic enrichment of enforced DLP policies by learning from end users. The adaptive enforcement option unlocks automated, user-assisted extensions of enforced policies with new data flows.
    • Content-aware control over data flows to peripheral devices
      Control data transfers to peripheral devices such as printers, removable storage and mapped drives across your organization and ensure no sensitive data in use can leak through such local channels.
    • Network communications control
      Control data transfers via network channels such as emails, cloud file sharing services, web browsers and social media. Prevent leakage of sensitive data in motion across your organisation.
    • Pre-built data classifiers
      Protect your sensitive data out of the box with pre-built data classifiers for personally identifiable information (PII), protected health information (PHI), payment card data (PCI DSS), documents marked as “Confidential.”
    • Strict DLP policy enforcement (enforcement mode)
      For businesses that require more strict controls, you can enforce the DLP policies as they’re defined, also blocking any new data flows not observed during the observation mode period.
    • Clipboard control for remote connections
      Prevent data leaks at their earliest stage — when data is transferred between the corporate computer and BYOD devices or remote terminals via a redirected clipboard.
    • Optical character recognition (OCR)
      Prevent leakage of textual data in graphical format, even for offline and remote endpoints. Leverage an agent-resident optical character recognition for 30+ languages without sending images to OCR servers.
    • Content inspection and filtering
      Protect your sensitive data from leaking by analysing and filtering the textual and binary content of data transferred via local and network channels, including inspection of nested archives. Benefit from text parsing for 100+ file, 40+ archive, and five-print formats.
    • Real-time alerting
      Empower policy-based, real-time alerting for relevant DLP events to increase DLP administrators’ visibility and allow them to react to critical security events in a timely manner.
    • Policy-based logging
      Enable easy auditing and IT investigations by automatically and selectively collecting audit logs for security events for each DLP policy rule. Leverage a cloud-native, secure, always available central log and secure delivery along with configurable log retention settings.
    • DLP event viewer
      Increase the efficiency of your service technicians with a single-pane-of-glass view across all DLP events with fast search and filtering capabilities.
    • On-screen notification to end users
      Increase end users’ data loss prevention awareness and reduce time spent by IT administrators on investigating with interactive on-screen warnings that explain why certain data transfer attempts have been blocked by DLP rules.
    • Block override support
      Ensure your business continuity by allowing end users to override a data transfer block in case of extraordinary situations by providing a one-time business-related exception.
    • Encrypted removable storage support
      Better protect your data by neutralizing the risks of sensitive data leaving your workloads via unencrypted removable storage devices (e.g. USBs). Advanced DLP can detect encrypted removable storage devices and allow data transfers only to them.