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Now Open Saturday & Sunday!

As part of our ongoing commitment to delivering the best IT and Communications Technical support, we are thrilled to announce an expansion to our service.  

Starting May 1st, we will be extending our technical support to be available 7 days a week! 

In our continuous efforts to ensure that you stay connected without interruption, we are now open on weekends, meaning we have now extended our support hours by an additional 24 hours every week in the past 2 years. This expansion allows us to offer more support hours than any of our competitors and be available when your team need us. 

How This Benefits You

We understand that your business might not pause for the weekend, and neither should your support. Our extended weekend hours are specifically designed for our valued clients who might not be able to coordinate IT and communications support during the weekdays, or those who encounter urgent needs that must be addressed promptly. 

This change ensures that whether it’s a regular weekday or the middle of the weekend, you have continuous access to our support team. This flexibility is crucial for maintaining the smooth operation of your business and responding swiftly to any IT or comms challenges you might face, without waiting for the next business day. 

This also lets our team review the previous week tickets more closely when it’s less busy and fix any recurring problems. 

Our Commitment To Comprehensive Support

 Our weekday support hours remain unchanged, operating from 8 AM to 6 PM. During these times. 

Our weekend support now offers remote support from 8:30 AM to 5 PM. This ensures that any immediate needs you have during the weekend are promptly and effectively addressed by our dedicated in-house support team. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the support include on-site assistance during the weekend?

 For support requests during the weekend requiring our tech team involvement on your site, appointments will be scheduled for the next available working day to ensure every issue is handled with the attention it deserves. 

If you pay for onsite weekend support now, this remains unchanged. 

Are there any extra charges for using this service? 

If you have a support contract in place, there is no additional charge for using the weekend team – in fact we encourage you to call in and utilise the team when its most convenient to your team. 

Will you be open 24 hours a day in the future?

We are committed to efficiency and have chosen to be open 7 days a week, which we believe serves our clients better than being open 24 hours for 5 days a week. 

How do we use the new weekend service?

Just as you do currently, you can reach us at the usual numbers, chat with us through the Flotek website, or send an email to helpdesk@flotek.io, and we will direct your query to the appropriate team.

We are thrilled about the upcoming changes that will further enhance your customer experience. At Flotek, we are always looking for ways to better serve you and these enhancements are a big step forward in our commitment to excellence. 

For any further questions or queries about our additional service hours, please contact your account manager or call us at 02921 508000.  

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