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Fully-funded digital upskill training with Flotek

Deploying the right technology in the right way is critical to doing business efficiently and cost-effectively – but ensuring your team is fully trained is equally important.

Working in partnership with Aspire 2Be – the only learning technology company in Europe who are professional development partners for all three tech giants, Apple, Google & Microsoft.

The right tech is nothing without the right training

There’s a plethora of smart, efficient operating systems, platforms, security tools, and seamlessly integrated workplace productivity apps – but oftentimes, many within an organisation aren’t switched-on to their full potential.

That’s why Flotek is very proud to be launching our new Digital Learning Courses. 

Our courses are designed to help you take your IT forward in leaps and bounds with confidence.

With funding available on most our courses, each program is tailored specifically for your business and focuses on the digital skills you have, and delivers digital skills development to suit. 

We aim to deliver most courses online in 2-hour sessions over several weeks.

Digital Learning Courses

Benefits of our fully-funded digital upskills training:

Extend your understanding

of tools and platforms designed for workplace productivity

Extract insights & summarise

with advanced data filtering techniques and other functions

Establish consistency

for online delivery at your organisation

Communicate, engage & collaborate effectively​

remotely or in-person with colleagues and client


Integrate tools effectively

for optimal outcomes and working styles

Manage permissions

to keep your business communications secure

Navigate & Interpret Data

across spreadsheets, formulas, charts and calculations

Maintain audience engagement

and enhance learning outcomes

Store, access & share

and instantly collaborate to boost productivity

Truly loved by our customers & always striving to improve

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Next-Generation telephony for NHS Oxleas

How Flotek’s next-generation telephony platform benefited 3500 users across 80 sites.

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Driving customer service forward for Reed Autos

How Flotek helped Reed Autos transform customer service with Flo Anywhere.

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Pricing starts from just £180 per course, however funding is also available for most of our courses.

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    • Getting Started with Microsoft 365
      Microsoft 365 offers a host of cloud based productivity solutions to streamline and maximise productivity. This interactive, hands on course provides an in-depth overview of everything you need to know to make the most of Microsoft 365. Participants will get hands on with tools such as OneDrive, Microsoft Teams and more. Learn more about how Microsoft 365 powers a global, modern workplace with one bundle of products: a smart, efficient operating system, inclusive security tools, and seamlessly integrated workplace productivity apps.
    • Course Outcomes
      ● Extend your understanding of Microsoft 365 and how to access tools for workplace productivity.
      ● Experience working in a simulated business environment using various Microsoft 365 apps
      ● Microsoft Teams and OneDrive to communicate and collaborate with colleagues
      ● Acquire the skills to reach out to your customers through a variety of engagement tools via Microsoft 365
      ● Learn how to connect and collaborate with your team remotely or in-person
      Course content is tailored to the individual needs of the organisation through an initial planning session, identifying the tools and narrative to be delivered.
    • Example Tools
      ● Teams
      ● Sharepoint
      ● One Drive
      ● Word/PowerPoint/Excel
      ● Forms
      ● Planner

      Duration: 4 x 2 hour interactive webinars
      All options delivered in tandem with remote course access
      Suitable for: All staff
    • Excel Essentials (Beginners Course)
      Microsoft Excel is one of the most widely used applications for analysing and visualising data This course will provide beginner level users some relevant skills to begin to navigate and create basic formulas in Microsoft Excel.
    • Course Outcomes
      ● Navigate and optimise the Microsoft Excel interface
      ● Structure basic spreadsheets
      ● Construct basic formulas with Excel functions to perform calculations
      ● Apply formatting to spreadsheets to create a professional look
      ● Add basic security to spreadsheets
      ● Present data visually using charts
    • Duration: 3 x 2 hour interactive webinars All options delivered in tandem with remote course access
      Suitable for: All staff
    • Flo Data Loss Prevention
      This interactive, hands-on Excel training course is designed for delegates who use Microsoft Excel in their daily work but want to take their skills to the next level
    • Course Outcomes
      ● Understand how Excel handles dates & times
      ● Manipulate data without using formulas
      ● Apply conditional formatting to highlight data that meets specific criteria
      ● Use the Analyse data tool to extract insights from data
      ● Use different cell referencing in formulas to ensure the calculations are applied to the correct data
      ● Use Excel’s Logical functions in formulas to perform different calculations based on specified criteria
      ● Use basic pivot tables to summarise vast amounts of data and professionally present the summary
    • Duration: 3 x 2 hour interactive webinars
      All options delivered in tandem with remote course access
      Suitable for: All staff
    • Excel Advanced
      The Advanced Excel training course looks at the advanced features and techniques to manipulate data and apply ‘what if analysis’ to optimise data model scenarios.
    • Course Outcomes
      ● Summarise data across multiple worksheets
      ● Work with advanced date, time and conditional functions
      ● Use 1D, 2D and 3D lookup functions to extract data
      ● Use What If Analysis tools to work with through data modelling scenarios
      ● Apply advanced data filtering techniques to extract data based on complex criteria
      ● Apply advanced Pivot Table options to summarise data
    • Duration: 3 x 2 hour interactive webinars
      All options delivered in tandem with remote course access
      Suitable for: All staff
    • Digital Leadership: High Performing Teams
      Collaborating remotely can be challenging depending on the approach. Remote working can still provide an opportunity to facilitate high performing teams providing the right tools are used for the right purpose. Our ‘Digital Leaders’ now need to be equipped with a host of solutions to ensure tems can continue to work anytime, anywhere, with no decrease in productivity or output.

      This course provides you with insight and practical guidance on a host of online tools all geared towards facilitating high performing teams and outcomes. It also highlights the best practice required to ensure teams can maintain their output at a distance with a range of technologies providing variance in approach.
    • Indicative Topics
      ● Digital Leadership
      ● Effective online meetings
      ● Creative working – a digital approach
      ● Digital Workflow and collaboration
    • Course Outcomes
      ● Understand the key ingredients for high performing teams.
      ● Broaden your knowledge and understanding of leading in a digital age and how to support your team to maximise results.
      ● Gain insight into strategy and approach for facilitating remote working.
      ● Develop a wide understanding of online tools with a focus on:
      ○ Personal Productivity
      ○ Project Management
      ○ Effective Meetings
      ● Integrate a selection of tools aligned to desired outcomes and working styles
    • Duration: 4 x 2 hour interactive webinars
      All options delivered in tandem with remote course access
      Suitable for: Team leaders/managers
    • Engaging Online Audiences
      Online training is an increasingly popular method of delivering continuing professional development to both internal and external stakeholders. Communication and organisational skills are vitally important, as is an understanding of webinar etiquette in order to deliver a vibrant and streamlined learning session.

      This course will demonstrate how to maximise your audience engagement through carefully selected online tools, all offering a range of options to facilitate learning activities and outcomes. It covers best practice in a number of key areas and will support you and your organisation in redefining your online delivery.
    • Course Outcomes
      ● Develop skills, knowledge, and gain insight into best practice approaches for maintaining audience engagement and to convey learning
      ● Explore a range of online tools for the facilitation of learning
      ● Understand how different online tools are best placed for certain activities.
      ● Learn how to structure your online sessions to maintain engagement and enhance learning outcomes.
      ● Begin to establish a level of consistency for online delivery at your organisation
    • Duration : 3 x 2 hour interactive webinars
      All options delivered in tandem with remote course access
      Suitable for : Trainers, learning and development officers
    • Introduction to Microsoft Teams
      Microsoft Teams is helping to facilitate high functioning and responsive teams everywhere.
      This course will provide you with a contextualised approach to understanding how Microsoft Teams can enable remote and in person collaboration and build your digital skills to capitalise on the solution. A crucial part of the Microsoft 365 environment, Microsoft Teams, aligns with all the productivity tools that a productive team uses each day, including email, excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint and more.
    • Course Outcomes
      ● Learn the layout of Microsoft Teams to navigate to all areas that will maximise remote working
      ● Create a Team and communication channels to promote a collaborative work environment
      ● Manage permissions within a Team to help keep your business communications secure
      ● Start and reply to conversations to colleagues and clients instantly or schedule in advance to maximise output
      ● Securely store, access, share, and instantly collaborate on files to boost productivity
      ● Plan or instantly meet with colleagues using video conferencing to efficiently run meetings
    • Duration : 4 Twilights
      All options delivered in tandem with remote course access
      Suitable for : All staff