Why back up Microsoft 365

In today’s modern era, businesses and large-scale corporations continue to prefer Microsoft 365 over any other software for seamless collaboration. Thanks to those organizations, Microsoft 365 is currently situated at a whopping three-hundred million commercial seats and counting.

Now that remote working has become more of the norm, the demand for online collaboration tools in the cloud has gone sky-high. Businesses are quickly adopting Microsoft Teams and the full range of the Microsoft suite of products which took the online collaboration tool from 140 million to 245 million monthly active users in just 90 days.

Whilst Microsoft is the leading provider for online collaboration tools, there is still some uncertainty regarding loss and theft of data. So, in order to ensure complete security of active users’ data, Flotek have their SaaS Protection +. It is a cloud protection solution which is designed and developed specifically for Managed Service Providers and scans Microsoft 365 for malicious cyber threats and ensures complete protection with 3x daily backups and flexible, fast recovery.

There’s a possibility that you may be wondering, “doesn’t Microsoft already handle backups of Microsoft 365?”

The simple answer is “No” and it is crucial to understand that SaaS (Software As A Service) medium providers, such as Microsoft 365, only account for the underlying infrastructure and platform’s uptime. The rest is up-to the consumer, it’s their responsibility to manage, secure, protect and backup their data. In addition to that, keep in mind that several built-in functions of Microsoft 365 can seem like backups; however, to your surprise, not even one of them fulfil the basic description of a backup.

So, backing up your Microsoft 365 isn’t a choice anymore, it is the need of the hour!

Reasons to Backup Microsoft 365

1. Human Error and Vicious Intentions

The common reason behind data loss are reckless human errors. Having said that, employees in office setups may erase a file due to variety of reasons, sometimes intentionally and sometimes unintentionally. Let’s take a look at those reasons:

  • Vicious intentions: Upset workers might intentionally erase or corrupt important files. And by the time a computer technician sits to resolve the issue, the damage may already be done. To prevent such cases, it is suggested to always use Flotek’s SaaS Protection +. Since it is a Microsoft 365 cloud protection solution, it would already have multiple versions of the same file, making it painless for you to restore the original version.
  • Erasing copies: In spite of having access to the collaborative feature of OneDrive, office employees tend to make copies for countless reasons such as sharing the file outside their domain or even department at times. While making copies is completely fine, what happens is when there are too many copies, users tend to unintentionally erase the original file.   
  • Accidental removal: Whenever employees get a “running out of space” warning, they rush to empty the OneDrive files by erasing documents that seem to be less vital in order to free up some more space on the cloud. And that could result in removal of an important document.

2. Malware

With the help of OneDrive Sync Client, Microsoft can easily download and sync your OneDrive data to desktop and vice versa.

Even though this functionality can be used to retrieve your data, files, modify and sync them remotely, there are a plethora of vulnerabilities that comes with its utilization.

For instance, if your desktop somehow gets infected with virus or malware, the OneDrive Sync Client – in case you have the “sync instantly” option switched on – can instantly infect your OneDrive data, spreading like wildfire and hampering your data severely.

Therefore, experts recommend using Flotek’s SaaS Protection + since its scans Microsoft 365 for vicious viruses and cyber threats and ensures your data is completely secured.

3. Ransomware Attacks and Phishing

Are you aware of how easy it is for ransomware attackers to gain access to your confidential information? Let’s see how they do it: Ransomware attackers make use of a duplicate email that has a document containing malicious virus which they send to the employees of your corporation, imitating an employee.

No matter how many employees discard or ignore that particular email, one click is all it takes to get the whole organization infected! Once the attackers are successful in gaining access, they demand ransom money to give you back your data.


  • Protect yourselves at all costs!
  • Back up your Microsoft 365 environment to ensure you always have access to your data
  • Your company data is your heartbeat – don’t let it stop beating

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