What Is Business Wifi And Why Is It Important?

The need for a stable and strong WiFi connection in businesses has grown exponentially over the years.

Whether it’s for enhancing customer experience, increasing employee productivity, or simply streamlining business operations, a good WiFi setup is vital.

If you’re a business owner looking to implement or upgrade your WiFi, we’ve pulled together a guide to get you started:

What Is Business WiFi?

Business WiFi refers to the wireless network set up specifically for a business’s operational needs.

This isn’t just about connecting to the internet; it encompasses the technology, infrastructure, and security measures to ensure stable, reliable, and secure connectivity.

Unlike home WiFi setups, which cater to general internet use, business WiFi is often tailored to cater to specific business requirements.

These include handling larger volumes of data, supporting multiple devices simultaneously, or offering different access levels for employees and customers.

Benefits Of Implementing Business WiFi

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Understanding the clear advantages of Business WiFi can offer insights into its growing indispensability in the modern commercial world:


  • Enhanced Productivity: With seamless connectivity, employees can collaborate in real time, access cloud-based tools efficiently, and execute tasks without unnecessary delays.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Offering free and fast WiFi can enhance the customer experience, making them spend more time on the premises, which can indirectly increase sales or engagement.
  • Flexibility and Mobility: Employees aren’t tethered to their desks. They can work from anywhere in the office, facilitating spontaneous meetings and collaborations.
  • Data Insights: With the right tools, businesses can analyse WiFi usage patterns to gather insights about customer behaviour or employee work patterns.

How Can I Get WiFi In My Business

If you’re ready to get WiFi for your business, or you want to change your provider, there are a few things to bear in mind:


1. Determine Your Business Needs

Scale: Are you a small cafe hoping to offer WiFi to patrons or a large business with hundreds of employees? The scale will dictate the infrastructure required.

Purpose: Will the WiFi be used mainly for business operations or customer use? Different purposes may demand different setups.

2. Choose a Reliable Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Research: There are numerous ISPs in the UK, from BT and Virgin Media to Zen and, of course, Flotek Group, to name a few. Compare their business packages in terms of speed, reliability, and customer support.

Business-specific Plans: Many ISPs offer packages tailored for businesses, which come with added benefits like faster repair times, fixed IP, or dedicated higher-level support.

3. Opt for Business-Grade Equipment

Routers and Access Points: Consumer-grade routers might be tempting because of their lower cost, but business-grade routers and access points provide better security, range, and traffic management options.

Mesh Networks: For larger spaces or businesses spread over multiple floors, consider mesh networks. These ensure consistent signal strength throughout the premises.

Managing Your Business WiFi

When your business WiFi is up and running, there are some areas you need to stay on top of to make sure you’re getting the most out of your connection:


1. Security is Key

VPN: A Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows employees to securely access business resources even from remote locations.

Guest Network: If offering WiFi to customers, set up a separate guest network. This ensures your primary business operations remain secure, and it provides a layer of separation from potential threats.

Regular Updates: Ensure your routers and other network equipment receive regular firmware updates. These often address security vulnerabilities.


2. Provide Adequate Support and Training

IT Support: Having an IT expert or team on hand ensures that any issues are addressed promptly. They can also help optimise your network for performance.

Employee Training: Educate your team on best practices, such as not sharing passwords or downloading suspicious files. A well-informed team is the first line of defence against security threats.


3. Monitor and Review Periodically

Usage Analysis: Tools and software can provide insights into bandwidth consumption, peak usage times, and even potential security threats.

Regular Upgrades: As your business grows or technology evolves, revisit and upgrade your WiFi infrastructure.

Avoiding Common WiFi Mistakes in Business

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To get the most from your WiFi, you need to understand any potential downfalls.

Businesses can sidestep typical WiFi issues by being aware of them and proactively addressing them. Keep the following in mind:


Ensure Network Redundancy

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Relying solely on one connection is a gamble. By setting up backup connections, you guarantee uninterrupted service.

Be Mindful of Physical Barriers

Signal strength can wane due to walls, floors, and other physical obstacles. Ensure your routers and access points are strategically placed to offer optimal coverage.

Avoid Using Default Router Settings

Keeping the default settings on your routers is an open invitation for security breaches. Always take the time to personalise settings when you first set up your equipment.

Our Final Feedback

Offering WiFi in today’s business environment is almost a given, but doing so effectively and securely requires thoughtful planning and implementation.

With a good mix of the right service providers, top-notch equipment, and a continuous review process, your business will not only meet but exceed the WiFi needs of both your employees and customers.

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