How Does Microsoft Teams Benefit My Business?

How Does Microsoft Teams Benefit My Business

The dynamics of modern day’s workplace is swiftly shifting, with online collaboration and working remotely becoming normal as an aftermath of the pandemic.

In order to collaborate on projects, improve communication, and stay updated, organisations now bank on enterprise collaboration platforms to get the job done smoothly and boost productivity.

But the question remains – why opt for Microsoft Teams? What makes it better than the thousands of other collaboration mediums available?

What Is It and How Does It Work?

In case you don’t know already, Microsoft Teams is a collaboration and communication application that schedules meetings to ensure smooth completion of projects, enables conversations, and makes sure your team stays organised, particularly for this new set-up of WFH (work from home).

Microsoft Teams offers four major features to its users:

  • Collaborate: All the Teams users can easily edit and share documents. In addition to that, multiple members of a team can also work together on files in real-time.
  • Call: The facility to make a voice or a video-call to your team members directly via the application.
  • Meet: It also gives organisations a massive advantage of conducting conference calls with clients to big groups of more than 19,000 users.
  • Chat: Communicating with your members through group messaging

If all this is exciting, brace yourselves, because it’s about to get a lot more fun! This collaboration tool by Microsoft is designed to do more than just connect teams together.

With integration from Flotek, you would be able to explore a whole new galaxy of insights and productivity, powered by real-time data with our exciting FloUC2Teams. 

5 Reasons why Microsoft Teams is Beneficial For Your Business

Microsoft Teams is not your regular collaboration platform, in fact it is an effective and efficient ecosystem where you and employees can chat, work, and collaborate on projects.

Let’s take a look at why Microsoft Teams would be a significant benefit for your business.

1.    Expand Communications Functionality with FloUC2Teams

As more and more corporations, businesses, and organisatons flock towards Microsoft Teams, they will soon be exploring ways they can boost the functionality of communication across different groups and wherever necessary utilise currently used Cloud telephony investments.

With FloUC2Teams, voice functionality is delivered directly from Flo UC Cloud to the MS Teams client. And it can further help businesses in keeping all their extensions, call-flows and phone numbers untouched.

The integration of FloUC2Teams is swift and can be done in less than a minute. It doesn’t require any additional hardware or software – A pure and simple integration.

2.    Unlimited Access Anywhere & Everywhere

Microsoft Teams is your best friend when it comes to seamless and smooth meetings no matter what you may have or where you are – you can still do pretty much everything on your phone.

With Teams, you can make crystal clear audio and video calls, collaborate with your teammates and share any file that you want to with just a single tap.

3.    Handy & Fast Chat Medium

Ever found yourself in an awkward situation where you had to ask a fellow employee an important question but it isn’t that important that you can email them?

Fortunately, with Microsoft Teams, you are able to strike a short conversation and invite more employees to join as the thread expands. This comes in incredibly handy for those chats by the water cooler and even more useful for on-the-go meetings whenever a new challenge or any important subject pops up in the radar.

4.    One Tap Video & Conference Calls

With the Video & Conference Calls feature of Teams, users can now host video conference calls from anywhere and connect with their team from any device! This simply means that you could be on your smartphone and the participants could be on their laptop or vice-versa.

5.    Experience the Fun of Real-Time Collaboration & File Sharing

Usually, chat applications tend to enable file sharing for users, whether it’s a document or a picture; but that’s not all collaboration stands for.

True collaboration is enabling users to conduct intense work sessions, presentations, and dynamic meetings while simultaneously sharing files that can be modified in real-time by all the editors in one go.

Sounds Great – What are the next steps?

Microsoft Teams is a game-changer for organisations and individuals seeking a comprehensive, secure, and efficient collaboration platform. Its user-friendly interface and seamless integration with Microsoft 365.

If your ready to get started with Microsoft Teams  – contact our team here or call us on 02921 508000 

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