25+ Microsoft 365 Tips And Tricks You Need To Know

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In the constantly evolving world of business technology, harnessing tools to their maximum potential can be the difference between good and exceptional performance.

Microsoft 365, a leading tool in business transformation, is packed with features that, when used adeptly, can supercharge your daily tasks.


If you’re considering Microsoft 365 for your business, you’ll be looking at the benefits for your business and how best to use it, so we’ve pulled together a list of our top tips and tricks to help you utilise Microsoft 365 to its fullest:

1. Efficient Email Management

Maximise your email productivity and organisation with these standout features.

  • Focused Inbox in Outlook: Prioritise essential emails by using the Focused Inbox feature, which separates important emails from the rest.
  • Scheduling Emails: Draft an email and schedule it to be sent at a later time or date, ensuring it reaches the recipient at the optimal moment.

2. Mastering Collaboration

Collaborate more effectively with tools designed to bring teams closer.

  • Immersive Reader in Teams: Enhance comprehension with features like text spacing, voice speed, and reading aloud.
  • Live Captions: Turn on this feature during Teams meetings to generate real-time captions, making sessions more accessible.

3. Document Handling Like A Pro

Elevate your document-handling capabilities with these dynamic functionalities.

  • Real-time Co-authoring: Multiple users can edit Word or PowerPoint files simultaneously, with each person’s changes visible in real time.
  • Version History in OneDrive: Restore previous versions of your documents if needed, ensuring you never lose valuable work.

4. Shortcuts For Productivity

Shave off precious time from routine tasks with these efficiency-boosting shortcuts.

  • Quick Access Toolbar: Customise your most-used commands in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint for easy accessibility.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Familiarise yourself with shortcuts like Ctrl + Shift + K (new task in Outlook) or Alt + N + P (insert a picture in Word).

5. Seamless Note-taking

Transform the way you take and manage notes with these integrated features.

  • Sticky Notes Integration: Sync your Sticky Notes across devices and even with OneNote.
  • Audio Notes in OneNote: Record voice notes directly on your OneNote pages.

6. Elevate Your Presentations

Make each presentation unforgettable with these compelling enhancements.

  • Morph Transition in PowerPoint: Create seamless animations and transitions between slides.
  • Zoom Navigation: Instead of linear slide progression, jump around sections as required during presentations.

7. Data Analysis Simplified

Dive deeper into data insights using these handy analysis tools.

  • Flash Fill in Excel: Automatically fills in values based on detected patterns.
  • Power Query: Easily import and transform data from various sources.

8. Boosted Security

Fortify your digital workspace against threats with these security measures.

  • Safe Links in Outlook: Protects against malicious links by checking them in real-time before you click.
  • File Restore in OneDrive: If your files get compromised, use File Restore to revert them back to a safe state.

9. Streamlined Communication

Ensure your messages are clear and impactful with these communication boosters.

  • @Mentions in Teams and Outlook: Get someone’s attention quickly in a conversation or email.
  • Inline Replies in Outlook: Reply to specific parts of an email for clearer communication.

10. Work On-the-Go

Stay productive anywhere, anytime with these mobile-friendly features.

  • Offline Mode in OneDrive: Access and edit your files even without an internet connection.
  • Mobile Scanning in OneDrive: Use your mobile to scan documents directly into OneDrive.

11. Customisation And Automation

Tailor your workspace and automate repetitive tasks for a smoother workflow.

  • Quick Parts in Word: Store and re-use pieces of content, including text, graphics, and more.
  • Flow in Power Automate: Automate repetitive tasks across multiple apps and services.

12. Deep Dive Into Content

Enhance the depth and breadth of your content with these research tools.

  • Researcher in Word: Explore credible sources and content to bolster your documents.
  • Designer in PowerPoint: Get design recommendations tailored to your content.

13. Stay Organised

Keep your tasks and appointments in order with these organisational aids.

  • Colour Code in Outlook Calendar: Assign different colours to types of appointments or tasks.
  • Tasks Integration in Teams: Sync Microsoft To Do, Planner, and Teams tasks in one unified space.

14. Word Efficiency

Harness the power of Word with these productivity-enhancing tools.

  • Text Highlighting: Quickly highlight text by holding down the ALT key and dragging your mouse over the desired section.
  • Translate on the Go: Use the built-in translator under the ‘Review’ tab to translate selected portions of your document.

15. Excel Shortcuts

Turn into an Excel wizard by employing these powerful shortcuts.

  • Instant Chart: Select data and press ‘Alt’ + ‘F1’ to create a quick chart.
  • Fill Handle: Use the small square at the bottom-right corner of selected cells to drag and auto-fill numbers, formulas, or sequences.

16. PowerPoint Polish

Elevate every slide with these standout PowerPoint features.

  • Embed Fonts: Before sharing a presentation, embed custom fonts (File > Options > Save) to ensure consistent viewing on all devices.
  • Slide Show Loop: Make your presentation loop continuously by going to ‘Slide Show’ > ‘Set Up Slide Show’ > ‘Loop until Esc’.

17. Optimal Outlook

Optimise your email management and scheduling in Outlook with these tips.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Use ‘Ctrl’ + ‘Shift’ + ‘M’ to open a new email or ‘Ctrl’ + ‘Shift’ + ‘Q’ to create a new meeting.
  • Instant Search: Narrow down your search results by using terms like “from:sender” or “has:attachment”.

18. Maximise SharePoint

Get the most out of SharePoint with features designed for optimal organisation and collaboration.

  • Custom Views: Create custom views in libraries or lists to quickly access the most relevant files or data.
  • Meta Data: Add metadata to documents for easier searching and categorisation.

19. Master Microsoft Teams

Ensure efficient and smooth team collaboration with these Teams-centric tools.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Use ‘Ctrl’ + ‘E’ to instantly jump to the search bar or ‘Ctrl’ + ‘G’ to open a chat.
  • Status Message: Set a custom status message to convey information about your current availability or day’s focus.

20. OneDrive Excellence

Optimise your cloud storage experience with these OneDrive essentials.

  • Green Tick System: Understand the sync status; a green tick means it’s in sync, while a blue cloud icon indicates the file is only online.
  • Shared Libraries: Sync SharePoint sites directly in OneDrive to access all collaborative content in one spot.

21. Data Wizardry In Power BI

Transform data into actionable insights with these Power BI enhancements.

  • Drag & Drop: Directly drag Excel data into Power BI or from one Power BI graph to another to create quick visuals.
  • Quick Measures: Right-click on a data field to compute values like averages or sums without writing formulas.

22. Task Management With Planner

Simplify task management and enhance productivity with these Planner tools.

  • Priority Board: Use the ‘Priority’ board view to manage tasks based on their urgency.
  • Checklist within Tasks: Break down tasks into sub-tasks using the checklist feature inside each card.

23. Stay Mobile with Office Apps

Stay connected and productive on the move with these mobile application tricks.

  • Swipe Functions in Outlook: Customise your swipe gestures in the mobile Outlook app for quick actions like archive or flag.
  • Draw with your Finger: In Word, Excel, or PowerPoint mobile apps, use the ‘Draw’ tab to annotate with your finger.

24. Dive Deeper With Power Automate

Streamline processes and tasks with the automation magic of Power Automate.

  • Error Tracking: Use the ‘Activity’ tab to review the performance of your flows and identify any errors or issues.
  • Mobile Approvals: Install the Power Automate mobile app to give or receive approvals on the go.

25. Interactive Forms

Enhance respondent engagement and get clearer insights with these form features.

  • Shuffle Questions: Ensure each respondent gets questions in a random order to reduce patterned responses.
  • Printed Responses: Generate a summary of responses in a printer-friendly format for offline reviews.

26. Inclusive Design

Make certain that your content reaches all audiences with these inclusive design features. 

  • Soundscapes in PowerPoint: Augment presentations for visually impaired audiences by adding 3D sounds for richer content interpretation.
  • Captioning in Teams: Activate live captioning during Teams meetings to cater to those with hearing challenges.

In Summary

By diving into these tips and tricks, you’re setting the stage for a smoother, more efficient workflow within the Microsoft 365 suite. 

If you’re ready to revolutionise your business with Microsoft 365, get in touch to find out how we can help you.

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