10 Savvy ways to save on your Business Telecoms

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10 Savvy Ways To Save On Your
Business Telecoms

As we all know, it’s a tough time right now. Inflation’s hitting double digits; business costs are rising, and electricity costs are a minefield of estimates. 

Everything seems to be going UP! Thankfully – the good news is that one of the areas where Flotek can help businesses take things down a few notches, is by reducing their telecoms costs.

As well as already giving customers the opportunity to send us their bills for a free, no-obligation review – if you’re pushed for time and looking for instant ways to save, then we thought we’d share with you our Top 10 Tips to making savings right here, right now.

This is a great way to get the savings party started. Though we know of course that every business is different, with different technologies, different systems in place and different requirements – so if you need more help or advice just get in touch and we’ll be happy to help!

10 Telecom Tips To Save Your Business Money

TELCOMS TIP #1 – Still paying for local, national or mobile calls?

Check your bill to see if you still pay for calls to these three destinations as most telecom providers now include these as standard within your rental charge.

One to watch: Look out for companies trying to charge for 03 calls outside of call bundles, these are considered a national call and should be included!


TELCOMS TIP #2 – Switch to VoIP

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have heard of the whole 2025 switch-off by now, where all landlines, be it at work or at home, will be required to switch to IP. And yet, many UK businesses still haven’t embraced these changes and reaped the rewards of moving from analogue or digital tech to IP. Moving your phone lines away from analogue or digital brings huge cost savings as you don’t need physical lines anymore which means no line rental costs!


TELCOMS TIP #3 – Say Adios to Analogue lines

Every time we review a bill, we spot a number of “PSTN” or “Analogue lines” that customers think they need. The truth is they don’t. Move your alarm or lift lines to mobile SIMs as it’s future-proof and more secure. And who really needs faxes in 2023? Just move your fax lines to cloud IP and save as much as a whopping 90%.


TELCOMS TIP #4 – Be Alert to Added Costs

Noticed a price increase lately? Check your services and ensure your supplier hasn’t added on costs without your approval and check against your contract to see what you really signed up for. It’s important to remember providers must make sure their contract terms are fair and transparent. Some providers have contracts which set out that the monthly prices you pay will increase at certain times during the contract, for example increasing by inflation each year. This should be made clear to you when you sign the contract so you know what you will have to pay at different points throughout.


TELCOMS TIP #5 – Ditch Data Costs

For Internet or mobiles – are you still paying for data outside your allowance?

With unlimited internet and unlimited mobile now common, it’s good to review your data usage, as unlimited is typically standard within the telecom industry – but some suppliers love to make money on over usage!

(Psst… we advise unlimited as standard to avoid over usage)


TELCOMS TIP #6 – Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Price increases

Signed into a fixed-term for services such as line rental, phones or broadband? Then check the price against what you signed-up for which should be visible within your contract (you should always have a copy as part of Ofcom rules!).

Increases are expected in this day and age for RPI (Retail Price Index) but it must be in the terms and conditions you signed so check the contract you signed states this is allowed!

If you’ve seen increases against your costs then you should have been given 30 days to walk away without penalty, so check you were informed fully of the price change and it was made super clear.


TELCOMS TIP #7 – Fewer than 10 employees? This one’s for you!

Did you know if you have fewer than 10 employees you shouldn’t be in a contract for telecom services for longer than 24 months unless you have expressly agreed or had an incentive to do so. You also can’t be held for auto contract term renewals so keep an eye for this one!


TELCOMS TIP #8 – Say No More to Multiple Services from Multiple Suppliers,

Have different suppliers for your communications & IT Support? Then for some services you could well be paying twice.

With the speed of internet today, you can get a dedicated line for VoIP traffic and your computer use for less than two internet services and it’ll even improve your speeds drastically. It might not be a cost saver for your comms but it’ll improve productivity for your team!


TELCOMS TIP #9 – Take Advantage of Promotions

We all know winning new business is tough, so there’s a ton of promotions out there which providers use to incentivise that switch. From free broadband for 6-12 months or inclusive maintenance for the first year – test the market to benchmark your pricing.


TELCOMS TIP #10 – Combine Your Tech with Microsoft Teams

During Covid, we all jumped on video meets thanks to the likes of Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Now we know how super easy this can be, do we still need to use a physical phone now?

Why pay for 2 or even 3 devices? Everyday, more businesses are waving goodbye to desk phones and becoming more mobile by using technology like Flo Anywhere or Microsoft Teams Voice which combine devices and set you free from the shackles of your desk.

Utilising Microsoft Teams as your phone system allows users to integrate a dial keypad within your existing software and work from anywhere, anytime.

Sounds Great – What are the next steps?

Worried about wading through the minefield of comms – why not let us review your spend? It’s completely free of charge and there’s no obligation or any sales pressure. Just send your bill to us here at sales@flotek.io and we’ll do all the hard work for you with an in-depth analysis comparing what you should be paying.

Spending more than £100 per month? If we can’t save you money we’ll donate £50 to your chosen charity!*

*Terms & Conditions apply

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